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All-Girls National Chess Championship

As part of our mission, we provide financial support to the growing network of women helping each other to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.  We ultimately plan to donate 25% of our profits to organizations that help empower women. This month, we've donated three of our belt bags as prizes for the All-Girls National Chess Championship Tournament beginning April 26, 2013.  Find out more about this tournament and the organizations that support it here.

Read about last month's organization, Haven Hills on the Hipsters for Sisters blog >

Hipsters for Sisters Blog: "That Special Place"

Last night I had the honor of attending “An Evening of Hope,” a dinner auction to benefit Haven Hills, a Los Angeles area shelter for battered and abused women and their children. It was held at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios, here in Los Angeles. I was a guest of my good friend, Pia...