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Book Review: Tomboy Style

Posted by on 2/14/2014 to Community
Saddle Belt Bag
Above: Hipsters for Sisters Saddle Belt Bag, Stella McCartney Sunglasses, Tomboy Style

"Tomboys are confident, rebellious, and adventurous. They are bold, brazen, fierce--- and sexy. They aren't known for following the rules; they are known for doing--- and wearing---whatever they want."-- Lizzie Garrett Mettler, Tomboy Style

I'm excited to share one of my all-time favorite coffee table books, Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion, written by Lizzie Garrett Mettler. Adapted from the popular blog of the same name, Tomboy Style is a visual exploration of what it means to be a tomboy, in both past and present. 

Tomboy Style Biker Babe

"To define tomboy style requires searching far beyond the simple notion of a woman wearing men's clothing. Although the tomboy is often identified by her outward appearance, what makes her wholly so is her inherent sense of confidence." 

Pattie McGee for Life Magazine, 1965. 

McGee was the first female professional skateboarder and first women's national skateboard champion. She helped popularize skating all over the country at the peak of the sport's first craze.

Pattie McGee Skateboarder

Florence Arthaud
French sailor Florence Arthaud by Jean Guichard, 1982. 
Winner of the 1990 Route du Rhum (transatlantic single-handed yaht race).


Coco Chanel
From Clockwise: Coco Chanel, Vicki Vickers, Lee Miller
 Vicki Vickers
 Lee Miller

"...a tomboy is not just about style—tomboys are measured in equal parts wardrobe and spirit."

Osa Johnson
Osa Johnson aka Mrs. Adventure
 Her 1940 autobiography, "I Married Adventure," chronicles her exotic travels around the globe.

Patsy Pulitzer
Patsy Pulitzer for 1955 Issue of Holiday, by Slim Aarons.

Tomboy Style celebrates the reclaiming of fashion for women by women, themselves. This book not only responds to the recent shift in women's fashion towards menswear-inspired styles (made popular by brands like J.Crew and Rag & Bone), but also at the same time demonstrates the true timelessness of this style by bridging its various undercurrents throughout history and the very women who led them. Mettler lends credibility to a fresh perspective on women's style--- one in which, with a nod to comfort and convenience, truthfully (and so refreshingly) reflects how a great deal of women prefer to dress.