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Behind The Scenes: Hump Day at the Studio

Posted by on 8/29/2012 to Behind The Scenes
Hump Day at the Hipsters for Sisters Studio

This morning began by prepping Marta, our trusty mannequin, for new product photos on our outdoor patio, just outside the HfS studio.   

 Inside the studio, our library serves as a major source of creative inspiration.  Here, you'll find books not only relating to fashion (like the ones seen above), but also ones on design and illustration, modern and contemporary art and various artist movements, as well as the ancient arts of China, Japan, India, and Mexico. For us, art books serve as our most readily accessible source of inspiration.

Wall of colored thread spools at Hipsters for Sisters studio

When hump day simply gets better of us, we often like to mosey on over to our great wall of thread to soak up some unfiltered color inspiration. 

Rawhide belt bag at the Hipsters for Sisters office

 Today, Debra is wearing the Rawhide belt bag.  Love this combination of deep blues and browns.

 Kate also manages to stop for a quick photo. Here, she is seen sporting the Black Veritas.

The HfS team would not be the same without our mascot, Phoebe.  Although nearly 110 years old, she's still as rambunctious as a young pup.

Hipsters for Sisters studio in Los Angeles, California

The lovely view from our lunch table.   

Hope your hump day was more productive than mine!