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HFS Muse: Beatrice Wood

Posted by on 12/19/2020 to Women
Beatrice Wood
Vessel by Beatrice Wood. Courtesy of Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

Our newest muse is the legendary Beatrice Wood. Wood was an incredible contemporary artist, ceramicist and master glazer with the reputation of an alchemist, a key member of New York’s Dada movement, lover and long time friend of Marcel Duchamp and writer of a handful of books. She was the inspiration for the book, Jules et Jim and the character Rose in James Cameron’s Titanic. However, one of our favorite things about Wood is not that she had a colorful and somewhat shocking personality (even though we love that about her), and it’s not that she was a talented artist (though we deeply admire her for her work), but what we love even more is that her success came later in life and like fine wine, she just got better (and more interesting) with age. She was photographed, written about, and included in more exhibitions in her 80s, 90s and 100s than ever before in her life. 

Beatrice Wood at Phoenix Art Museum
Beatrice Wood. Photo courtesy of Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts. 

For more information on Beatrice Wood, please visit and this essay on California Art Review, exploring her luster-glaze ceramics