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HFS Muse: Beatrice Wood

Posted by RD on 12/19/2020 to Women
Beatrice Wood
Vessel by Beatrice Wood. Courtesy of Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

Our newest muse is the legendary Beatrice Wood. Wood was an incredible contemporary artist, ceramicist and master glazer with the reputation of an alchemist, a key member of New York’s Dada movement, lover and long time friend of Marcel Duchamp and writer of a handful of books. She was the inspiration for the book, Jules et Jim and the character Rose in James Cameron’s Titanic. However, one of our favorite things about Wood is not that she had a colorful and somewhat shocking personality (even though we love that about her), and it’s not that she was a talented artist (though we deeply admire her for her work), but what we love even more is that her success came later in life and like fine wine, she just got better (and more interesting) with age. She was photographed, written about, and included in more exhibitions in her 80s, 90s and 100s than ever before in her life. 

From the Bookshelf: Our Favorite Books on Sustainable Living and Fashion

Posted by RD on 7/30/2020 to Community
Sustainable Living Books to Read

Sustainability can be so overwhelming. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do or what habits you can change without totally uprooting your whole life.  Here we share a wide spectrum of some of our favorite books on the topic of sustainability: from how to transition to zero waste and sustainable living, mending techniques to make your loved clothes last, building a sustainable brand and what exactly makes a fabric more sustainable than others. 

What happens to garment workers during COVID-19?

Posted by RD on 5/3/2020 to Behind The Scenes
Garment Workers of LA

This article featured in the Los Angeles Times in April of this year was a rude awakening for many people. It's hard to grasp (even for us, who produce our bags here in LA) that sweatshops exist here and we were astonished to read the stories of some of the garment workers in this article

How it’s Made: Our New Embroidered Gigi Tassel Bags in Pinatex

Posted by RD on 12/29/2019 to Community
Sustainable tassel bag

Our Embroidered Gigi Tassel Bags are some of the most complicated bags we've made yet. Inspired by a design owned by my late Grandma, these bags were infused with so much love and intention from beginning to end. We'll go through each step of production we went through to see these to fruition from the first pattern being created, to the designing of the embroidery, picking out thread, and more.

Pyrite: The Power Stone You’ll Be Glad You Have on Your New Bag

Posted by RD on 12/24/2019 to Fashion

Pyrite. What is it? Even though it sure sits pretty, pyrite is a power stone that packs a punch. One of our favorite stones, it’s believed by many to be excellent for manifesting, making big moves, achieving goals and calling in abundance. 

Meet Gigi: the inspiration behind our new line of sustainable evening bags

Posted by RD on 12/19/2019 to Women
Gigi Bags

We don’t usually name our bags after women but you may have noticed that our new line of evening bags are named “Gigi” ... well that’s because they're named after my late grandmother Georgiana whose collection of handbags we based our new styles after. Gigi was an incredibly fashionable woman and a notorious entertainer, social butterfly, and lover of dancing— so it was only fitting to have some of our fanciest party bags named after her. 

Sustainable Glossary: Eco-suede

Posted by RD on 12/18/2019 to Environment

As part of our bi-weekly series on sustainable materials, this week we’re talking about Eco Suede. We love this super soft fabric made from post-industrial recycled film scrap and natural plant based polyester. 

Conscious Gift Guide

Posted by RD on 12/13/2019 to Community
Conscious Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! If you are looking for a few gift ideas for a sustainably or ethically minded friend, then look no further. We've rounded up some of our favorite conscious items in our new holiday gift guide here. 

Sustainable Glossary: Organic Cotton

Posted by RD on 12/4/2019 to Environment
Organic Cotton: Why is it more sustainable?

Knowing your materials can be tricky and with so much green washing out there lately, we decided to do a mini series about the materials we use, why we use them and what makes them sustainable. Hoping to shed some light in this deep dark and often not transparent world of fashion and we’re starting with a big one— cotton! 

Why Hemp is the Future of Sustainable Fashion

Posted by RD on 7/24/2019 to Environment

Hemp Belt bag

What comes to mind when you hear the word hemp? Most people think of either cannabis or burlap sacs toted around by bare-footed hippies. Are they wrong? Perhaps not, but hemp is the most under-rated and under-appreciated plant out there in terms of all that it can do for its applications in fashion. 

How to go Plastic-Free this July

Posted by RD on 7/8/2019 to Community

Poppy Water Bottle Bag

Did you know that an estimated 14 BILLION pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean annually, 80% of which is some form of plastic?! This plastic is killing off marine life and polluting a once healthy, thriving ecosystem. 

Plastic-Free July is a global movement created by the Plastic Free Foundation to reduce plastic pollution worldwide. For the entire month of July, participants pledge to refuse single-use plastics and use more sustainable alternatives instead. Looking for a way to support and create awareness for this movement, we are happy to announce that we have launched a Plastic-Free July Giveaway on our Instagram with some pretty amazing sustainable brands. Our giveaway includes the Fractal Yoga Top and Leggings from Wolven Threads, Bamboo toothbrush, cotton facial rounds, tote bag, loofah scrubber, shampoo and conditioner bar from the Zero Waste Store, a Black Obsidian Water Bottle by Glacce, Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette Eyeshadow from Aether Beauty Co, Reusable Grocery Bag by Chico Bag, Rose Gold Razor by Bareaya, and our Water Bottle Bag in Poppy Pinatex. As part of our giveaway, we asked our customers to share how they’re planning to be plastic-free this month and we were so impressed with their answers that we wanted to share a few here.

Who Made My Bag?

Posted by RD on 4/24/2019 to Community

Everyone is talking about Fashion Revolution Week and Earth Day in the same breath, and many people are confusing the two. Although they are both celebrated during the same week in April, Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22, marking the anniversary of the modern environmental movement begun in 1970 and Fashion Revolution Day is celebrated on April 24, the anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh. What do they have in common? 

Gift Guide: Zero Waste Essentials

Posted by RD on 12/18/2018 to Community
Zero Waste Essentials

Our last gift guide of the year is definitely one worth noting! We could all do more to be more sustainable and these are truly things everyone needs in their life-- including us! Here's our gift guide for sustainably-minded, earth lovers everywhere. 

HFS in the Press!

Posted by RD on 12/14/2018 to Community
Vogue Sustainable Fashion

Yay! A few clippings of HFS belt bags in recent press. xx

Gift Guide: Stylish Mamas on the Go

Posted by RD on 12/11/2018 to Community
Stylish Mama Gift Guide

 Honestly, moms don't get enough credit. As a mother-daughter brand, we definitely couldn't miss this opportunity to put together some of our favorite gift ideas for new and experienced moms alike.  Here's our gift guide for stylish mamas on the go.


Gift Guide: Spiritual Seekers

Posted by RD on 12/10/2018 to Community

Gift Guide for Spiritual Seekers

This month, we're doing a series of gift guides celebrating all of the wonderful women in your life. With these guides, you're bound to find something for everyone on your list. We're so excited to share our first one of the series-- our own curated gift guide for the spiritual seeker in your life. 


Our Water/ Wine Bottle Holders in the Wild

Posted by RD on 10/19/2018 to Community

Reusable Water Bottle Holder Bag
Photo: Taylr Anne of Taylranne

We love seeing our Water/ Wine Bottle Holder Bags in the wild. Here is a selection of our favorites from around the web and beyond.

Never Not Hydrated

Posted by RD on 8/19/2018 to Community

Water Bottle Bag

We know you love your reusable water bottle so we made something cute for you to carry it in (what you put in it is up to you). Fits up to standard 25 oz Swell bottle or a bottle of wine. 

5 Things with Rachel Saunders of Rachel Saunders Ceramics

Posted by RD on 5/15/2018 to Community
Rachel Saunders Interview

I'm so excited to share with you the latest in our 5 Things series with Rachel Saunders of Rachel Saunders Ceramics5 Things is a series of interviews where we talk with inspiring female leaders making waves in their industry. 

Strangely enough, Rachel and I met through a shared love of manifestation a la the website and workshops created by Lacy Philips of Free + Native. Rachel is someone who upon meeting her (digitally) I became incredibly inspired by and who at a super young age was able to manifest incredible success by following her intuition, betting on herself, and not being afraid to go the unconventional route. Here, we chat with Rachel about how she got started, her infamous Woman Vase, Patti Smith, and what happened when she left Los Angeles for greener pastures (quite literally). 

5 THINGS: Maike Lüdenbach & LÖV the Label

Posted by RD on 3/7/2018 to Community
Maike Lüdenbach of LÖV sustainable underwear line

We’re so excited to share with you our latest interview in our 5 Things series where we chat with Maike Lüdenbach, founder of ethical and sustainable underwear line LÖV the label. Here we talk about how she got started, the importance of inclusivity and conscious production, growing up in Spain, and finding inspiration in friendships, real women, and the magical world of self care. 

5 THINGS w/ Celebrity Stylist and GALERIE.LA Founder Dechel Mckillian

Posted by RD on 12/13/2017 to Community
Celebrity stylist Dechel Mckillian of Galerie.LA

Today marks the first of our new blog series called 5 THINGS, where we talk with female leaders doing cool things. The first in our series is Dechel Mckillian, a celebrity stylist originally from Los Angeles whose clients include Drake, Nicki Minaj, Fergie, and Lionel Richie. After traveling the world with music artists like the Black Eyed Peas and Lil Wayne, Dechel saw firsthand the negative impact fashion has on our people and planet. Dechel brings over a decade of fashion industry experience to GALERIE.LA and has worked with the world’s biggest retailers including GOOP, Clare V, Steven Alan and TopShop.

Realizing the gap between sustainable fashion and her experiences in lifestyle and entertainment, she launched GALERIE.LA to present a tightly curated selection of brands with a shared philosophy. Dechel founded GALERIE.LA with the mission to bring socially conscious fashion to the masses.

Dechel is passionate about linking cutting-edge movements in urban culture, entertainment and music with the possibilities of sustainable design and fashion.

Gifts We Love

Posted by RD on 12/7/2017 to Community
Gift Guide

The holidays are one of our favorite times to support fellow sustainable and conscious-minded makers and artisans whose products we love. Here. Debra and I have chosen the twelve items on our wish list this year.

Getting Grounded: A Day of Magic at Mercado Sagrado

Posted by RD on 11/29/2017 to Community
Mercado Sagrado 2017 on Paramount Ranch

Even as a native Angeleno, Los Angeles continually surprises me. For a city that gets a bad reputation for being superficial, you'd be surprised to find that L.A. has a lot of depth hidden beneath the surface. There is no better example of this than the annual Mercado Sagrado, a two-day event (Nov. 4th + 5th) quietly tucked away in hills of Malibu Canyon that offers an array of workshops, lectures, and activities intended to inspire grounding, creativity, self work, and community. Workshops include everything from learning how to grow your own food, read tarot cards, tie dye with indigo, and activities like sound baths, breath work and meditation, and a kava ceremony. With speakers like Shiva Rose, Josh Siegel, and Olympia Auset, you can learn about love and numerology, biohacking, holistic living, clean beauty, and the intersection of spirituality and social justice. With so much going on, you hardly have time to explore all of the many unique and like-minded vendors in their marketplace.

An L.A. Girl's Guide to Sedona

Posted by RD on 11/3/2017 to Community
guide to sedona

Sedona is one of my favorite places on earth. My family goes twice a year and I'm lucky if I can make it with them once every three years. As a family, we've been going to Sedona for as long as I can remember. When I was little I used to wade through Oak Creek and watch, mesmerized by the life underwater, studying carefully the fish, tadpoles, and algae existing together in harmony, in between hopping on big red boulders placed carefully on the creek like little islands. I remember there was nothing as lovely as drying off in the sun on top of one of these warm, sun-soaked red rocks after coming up from the water.

I'm older now, yet my love for Sedona still remains. It's one of those places where time seems to stand still. In Sedona, everything is easy and life is peaceful, not to mention there's no escaping from the awe-inspiring beauty of its land, which, if you choose to remove your focus from even one second, makes itself known in other ways. The town itself is about as touristy as it gets, but with everything from cactus shot glasses to red rock jeep tours, to aura photos and crystal healing, it's well worth exploring for an afternoon. 

How it's Made: How Pinatex Turns Pineapples into a Sustainable Leather Alternative

Posted by Admin on 10/4/2017 to Community
Pinatex - HFS Collective
Classic belt bag in Pinatex,

I don't think we have ever been as excited to launch a collection as we are now with the launch of our new Piñatex Collection. Maybe that's because we have waited almost two years to get our hands on this innovative material that is still being made in relatively small runs across the pond-- or it could be because we are one of the very first American brands to be using it--or maybe because it is the most sustainable material we have ever used. So, what exactly is Piñatex? and what's all the buzz about?