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How it’s Made: Our New Embroidered Gigi Tassel Bags in Pinatex

Posted by RD on 12/29/2019 to Community
Sustainable tassel bag

Our Embroidered Gigi Tassel Bags are some of the most complicated bags we've made yet. Inspired by a design owned by my late Grandma, these bags were infused with so much love and intention from beginning to end. We'll go through each step of production we went through to see these to fruition from the first pattern being created, to the designing of the embroidery, picking out thread, and more.

Pyrite: The Power Stone You’ll Be Glad You Have on Your New Bag

Posted by RD on 12/24/2019 to Fashion

Pyrite. What is it? Even though it sure sits pretty, pyrite is a power stone that packs a punch. One of our favorite stones, it’s believed by many to be excellent for manifesting, making big moves, achieving goals and calling in abundance. 

Meet Gigi: the inspiration behind our new line of sustainable evening bags

Posted by RD on 12/19/2019 to Women
Gigi Bags

We don’t usually name our bags after women but you may have noticed that our new line of evening bags are named “Gigi” ... well that’s because they're named after my late grandmother Georgiana whose collection of handbags we based our new styles after. Gigi was an incredibly fashionable woman and a notorious entertainer, social butterfly, and lover of dancing— so it was only fitting to have some of our fanciest party bags named after her. 

Sustainable Glossary: Eco-suede

Posted by RD on 12/18/2019 to Environment

As part of our bi-weekly series on sustainable materials, this week we’re talking about Eco Suede. We love this super soft fabric made from post-industrial recycled film scrap and natural plant based polyester. 

Conscious Gift Guide

Posted by RD on 12/13/2019 to Community
Conscious Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! If you are looking for a few gift ideas for a sustainably or ethically minded friend, then look no further. We've rounded up some of our favorite conscious items in our new holiday gift guide here. 

Sustainable Glossary: Organic Cotton

Posted by RD on 12/4/2019 to Environment
Organic Cotton: Why is it more sustainable?

Knowing your materials can be tricky and with so much green washing out there lately, we decided to do a mini series about the materials we use, why we use them and what makes them sustainable. Hoping to shed some light in this deep dark and often not transparent world of fashion and we’re starting with a big one— cotton!