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Art We Love: Kathy Klein's Divine Danmalas

Posted by RD on 1/17/2013 to Art

Kathy Klein Danmala Art
Arizona-based artist Kathy Klein arranges natural objects into sacred kaleidoscopic circles, or what she calls "danmalas." Using blooms, leaves, and organic elements found on site, Klein arranges each danmala while engaged in meditation, allowing the placement of materials to be guided by a higher power. These sacred arrangements are then left behind by the artist at the site of their creation. Described by Klein as a "gesture which points towards life's abundance" and the "unspoken verse of love," these danmalas serve not only as a reminder of the artist's presence, but also the moment of divine union with spirit.

What's in my Belt Bag: Heidi Hsing

Posted by RD on 1/9/2013 to Community
Whats in My Belt Bag: Heidi Hsing and her Hipsters for Sisters Belt Bag

Today begins the first of our new “What’s in My Belt Bag” blog series, in which we interview the stylish women that wear our bags. We are proud to begin our series with one of our very first customers and long-time friend, Heidi Hsing.

Oh, The Places You'll Go in a Belt Bag

Posted by RD on 1/7/2013 to Travel