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The "All-Girls" Helps Rock the Status Quo!

Posted by DD on 5/16/2012 to Community
All Girls National Chess Championship Tournament

I am proud to say that our very first act in pursuit of our mission to help liberate and empower women, was to donate three Hipsters for Sisters belt bags as prizes for the First, Second  and Third Place Finishers in the All-Girl National Chess Championships. We are delighted to support this annual tournament that is designed to foster the intellectual empowerment of young women through chess.  We congratulate each and every one of the more than 200 girls and young women that “rock the status quo” by participating. The following article, written by Lolly Bowean, of the Chicago Tribune, says it all.

Let's Get Motivated! Our Most Popular Words of Wisdom on Pinterest

Posted by Administrator on 5/13/2012 to Inspiration
It won't be easy but its not impossible inspirational quote

I don't know about you, but I'm never one to refuse a "pick-me-up." Whether it be coffee or motivational quotes, I'm always ready and willing to become a little more inspired. So thanks, Pinterest, for fueling us with more motivation than we ever thought possible. Here, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite quotes we've found on pinterest.