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Creatively Inspired: Urs Fischer at the MoCA Grand Avenue

Posted by RD on 8/24/2013 to Inspiration
Urs Fischer MoCA

Last weekend, we saw the Urs Fischer exhibit at the MoCA in downtown Los Angeles the last day before it officially closed to the public. Prior to arriving, I knew what we'd see would be inspiring based on the sheer number of photos I'd seen on Instagram over the past few weeks. On social media, there seemed to be a certain energy and excitement surrounding talk of the exhibition. Nearly everyone online had something to say--whether it be through 140-character blurbs on Twitter, comments on Facebook, or Instagrammed photos of visitors interacting with the works. The online "buzz" not only convinced me to see the exhibit for myself, but also made me want to join in on the online conversation: share my own experiences and interaction with the works.

The Always and Everywhere Bag: The Espresso Cataluna

Posted by RD on 8/12/2013 to Fashion
Our favorite "always and everywhere bag," the Espresso Cataluna is hands-down our most versatile belt bag. I love pairing this bag with complementary blacks and browns, while the ankle booties, hat, and gold tribal cuff give this look some edge. 

How would you style the Espresso Cataluna?

Quotes We Love: Anna Lappe

Posted by RD on 8/5/2013 to Inspiration
Hipsters for Sisters Blog Inspirational Quote Anna Lappe
"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want." --Anna Lappe

Creatively Inspired: The Work of Korean Artist Lee Jung

Posted by RD on 8/4/2013 to Art
Jung Lee, "I still remember," C-type Print, Diasec, 136x170cm,2010, ONE AND J. Gallery

I am excited to share with you my most recent find: Korean artist Lee Jung. In her work, the artist frequently uses the juxtaposition of text and image to explore the idea of language in terms of spatial context. Often placing common, emotionally-laden phrases in the unnatural context of environmental landscapes devoid of human touch, the artist calls to mind questions such as: what is the relationship between language and environment? Do words become more or less meaningful when placed in a setting virtually untouched by mankind? What happens when you displace language from its original context?