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Festival Fever: Coachella 2014

Posted by on 3/17/2014 to Fashion
Festival Fanny Packs
Hipsters for Sisters Gesso and Espresso Cataluna Belt Bag

Coachella Festival Style Bum Bag
Behind the Scenes: Margo and Me with her HfS Black Flat Waist Bag

Coachella 2014 What to Wear

Belt bags are to music festivals, as smartphones are to don't think you need it until you try it and then sooner or later, you're caught wondering how you ever lived without it. Perhaps, that's also part of the reason why we love festivals so much...there's really no better place to be hands-free. Two hands are definitely better than one (or none)--and between all the frolicking, water chugging, dancing, and port-a-potty visiting, the last thing you want is to shlep a heavy bag around with you all day. 

Espresso Brown Belt Bag
Silver Fanny Pack

Our festival favorites are the Hipsters for Sisters Espresso Cataluna Belt Bag, the Chevron Coachella Belt Bag, and the Silver Cataluna Belt Bag. What's great about the Espresso and Silver Cataluna is that they are made from beautiful, yet durable vegan leather that can be pretty much wiped-free of any mess. You don't have to worry about spilling your beer, messy ketchup, or water stains. Our durable bags are meant to be "lived in." While you're wearing our bags, we want you to feel just as free from worry, as you do from baggage.