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Gift Guide: Stylish Mamas on the Go

Posted by on 12/11/2018 to Community
Stylish Mama Gift Guide

 Honestly, moms don't get enough credit. As a mother-daughter brand, we definitely couldn't miss this opportunity to put together some of our favorite gift ideas for new and experienced moms alike.  Here's our gift guide for stylish mamas on the go.

1. A Little Pampering (for a Good Cause)
Okay, I know beauty and vanity is last on the list when caring for a newborn, but this Glow for Good kit is all she needs to feel pampered and like she is giving her body some well-deserved love. Made from all organic and plant-based ingredients, Osea Malibu's products are the real deal with powerful, nutritionally packed products that will make her skin sing. Best part is this gift set gives 100% of profits to Kiss The Ground, a charity inspiring participation in the global movement to restore soil. 

2. A Jumpsuit That Does It All 
A jumpsuit that's as chic as it is practical? Sign me up! This jumpsuit is not only stylish, but it's also breastfeeding friendly--something the new mama in your life will definitely appreciate. Made locally in California from eco-friendly materials. 

3. The Cutest Carrier There Ever Was
Probably the most precious thing on the list. A safe and stylish way to carry your baby and keep him or her close while you're out and about on the town.
Ring Sling Carrier, $89, available here
4. Majka Gift Box
Every new mom should know about Majka! All of their products are specially formulated for the nutritional needs of new moms with included ingredients to support lactation and increase breast milk supply. We thought the perfect gift for a new mom would be their gift box, which has a sampling of product including Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder, Lactation Bites, and a Shaker. 
Majka Gift Box, $95, available here. 

5. Hands-free Living 
This Convertible Belt Bag in Pinatex will allow her to keep her essentials on her while she has her hands-free to play with and care for her kids unencumbered. The fanny pack is such an amazing mom accessory-- it's actually at the root of how our mother-daughter brand got started. This one, made from the waste of the pineapple industry, comes with a cross body strap and can also be worn as a hands-free belt bag with the belt purchased as an add on. 

6. A Little TLC
Honestly, nothing is quite as effective as the gift of a little rest and relaxation. How about a gift card to the mecca of relaxation in L.A., the Now Massage? Gift cards come packaged in beautiful boxes even including a cute little menu for add ons. You have the option of gifting a massage ranging from 25-80 minutes or a set amount from $200-500. 
Gift Card to the Now Massage, $40-500, available here

Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon! xx