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What's in my Belt Bag: Heidi Hsing

Posted by on 1/9/2013 to Community

Today begins the first of our new “What’s in My Belt Bag” blog series, in which we interview the stylish women that wear our bags. We are proud to begin our series with one of our very first customers and long-time friend, Heidi Hsing. A Public Relations guru, Heidi currently lives and works in Newport Beach and has previously held positions at Bismark Philips Communications and Marketing and as a stylist at LF in Boston, where she attended school at Bentley College. 
I meet Heidi for high tea at the Huntington Library and Gardens, where I check in with her to see just how she likes her HfS belt bag, what she carries inside and her perspective on going "hands-free."

Whats in My Belt Bag: Heidi Hsing and her Hipsters for Sisters Belt Bag

1. So Heidi, tell us, what's inside your HfS belt bag? 
IPhone, Car keys, Chanel sunglasses, Burts Bees Chapstick, Chanel "Rouge Coco Shine" Lipstick, and Hipsters for Sisters Fawn wallet.

2. What are your three favorite places in L.A. to grab a drink/ bite to eat? 
·      Lemonade for lunch -- Blood Orange Lemonade is amazing and their food is great
·       The Edison--they have amazing drinks
·       Julienne in San Marino is one of my favorite places for lunch...and they have great desserts, too!  They also have a gourmet market, which is a great place for picking up host/hostess gifts or presents for your foodie friends!

3. One blog you can't stop reading:
Because I'm Addicted -- Geri Hirsch is amazing!! Her posts are so diverse, from fashion to photography to DIY craft ideas to recipes

4. One song you currently have on repeat:
 Must Be the Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) - Nero 

5. How would you describe your everyday look?
I wear a lot of neutrals, sometimes with a pop of color.  A typical outfit would be my black motorcycle boots, J Brand jeans, pullover sweater, and my Hipsters for Sisters belt bag.

6. On what occasions is your belt bag your "go-to"bag? 
 Farmers/Flea markets, shopping, music festivals, everything!  Anytime when I know that I want to have my hands free. I also love wearing it out at night and prefer it much more to a clutch.  When you're at a bar/club and you're already holding a drink, you're not trying to hold your bag as well.  Even the word "clutch" seems uncomfortable, like you have to desperately hold onto the bag.  Even the little wristlets get annoying because you still have to keep your arm in this awkward position to keep it from falling to the floor.

7. What was your experience like switching to a belt bag? Was it hard to narrow down the items you would typically carry in a larger bag? 
 It was actually really easy to narrow down which items were essentials.  Whenever I go out and have to bring a clutch, I already pick out the basic items that I know that I'm going to need.  Switching to a belt bag was no different.  I think that it was also really helpful that it came with a zip wallet that I could store my cards/cash in.

8. Your first time wearing your HfS belt bag was...
...extremely liberating! At first, I wasn't sure if I had everything I needed, if I was forgetting anything.  But once I was out, I was surprised at how little items I actually needed and how much my purse had been weighing me down.

Because I switch back and forth between a belt bag and a regular bag, I found that the amount of items that I carry in my regular bag is much less!  I've been able to cut down on the amount of unnecessary items in my regular bag, which is great, and makes it way less heavy.

9. To which upcoming event are you most excited to wear your belt bag? 
11. Complete the sentence: "You would not expect it, but I..." 
am a HUGE bookworm!  I love reading!  I love this quote by one of my favorite authors George R.R. Martin -- "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one."