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A Whole New Meaning to "What's in My Bag"

Posted by on 6/20/2012 to Fashion
What's in The Bag?

Is the inside of your bag a messy sea of receipts and gum wrappers? Still lugging around that pair of shoes you were supposed to return last month? Not sure how to transition from wearing a big bag to a belt bag?  

No need to worry. Here's a look at the most popular items we, at the HfS office, carry with us in our belt bags. Use this as a how-to guide for scaling down the number of items you carry with you everyday to include just the few you really need.

1.  Hipsters for Sisters Gesso Belt Bag Wallet:  Of course, the first thing you'll want to have with you is your matching HfS wallet that comes with the belt bag. Designed to fit everything you need from credit cards and cash to business cards, the HfS wallet is the perfect size to accommodate all of your monetary needs. 

2. Set of keys. 

3.  Karen Walker Oversized Sunglasses: Wherever you go, it is always wise to bring along with you a great pair of shades, especially during these hot Summer months.  These edgy sunglasses by Karen Walker fit perfectly with the style of our HfS Gesso belt bag.  While you're on the go, these large framed glasses will have you looking fabulous in no time.  No makeup necessary.

4. Donkey-Products Ball Ben: A pen is always a handy item to have on hand. 

5. Listerine PocketMist Cool Mint: Do not underestimate the importance of having fresh breath. 

6. iPhone: This is a great tool to have with you when you're out and about.  iPhone applications such as "Maps," "Around Me," and "Beat the Traffic" not only help guide you to where you're going, but also show you the fastest route, how to avoid traffic, and allow you to search for virtually any type of store or business nearby.   

With just the essentials on hand, you'll be rearing and ready to go--anywhere, anytime, any place.  Are we missing anything? Tell us, what is your most necessary item to have on hand? 

Items shown above: