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What to Wear: London Olympics 2012

Posted by on 7/26/2012 to Fashion
What to Pack to the London Olympic Games 2012

Are you as excited about the Olympics as we are? The opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics takes place tonight in London and will air on NBC at 7:30pm Pacific and Eastern time in the U.S.  Queen Elizabeth II will officially open the games, followed by the "top secret" opening ceremony which will feature a live performance by Paul McCartney. Whether or not you're one of the few lucky enough to attend the Olympics in London this summer, we've provided you with some last-minute style inspiration and list of essentials to take with you to the games. 

The Numbers An estimated 500,000 people are expected to attend the daily olympic events in London. 294,000 people from overseas are expected to visit for the games, while 587,000 people from other parts of the UK are expected to stay in London for the Olympics. Additionally, a total of five and half million people are predicted to make day trips to London.

As London prepares for such high volume tourism, there are a few things you may need to prepare for before setting off on your journey:
1. Be Aware of Pickpockets: According to the British Transport Police, 80% of victims are women. In order to avoid pickpockets, the BTP suggests the following tips: 
  • Keep purses secure, carry wallets in an inside pocket
  • Zip up hand and shoulder bags
  • Carry bags in front of you with flaps against your body
  • Keep straps short and bags tucked under your arm
  • Don’t display jewelry
  • Don’t show your money, keep it safely in your pocket
2. Wear Your Hipster! The Hipster is the perfect travel bag, as it keeps your essentials tightly secured on the front of your body. The Hipster makes avoiding pickpockets all that much easier while passing through large crowds of people, especially if you are juggling multiple shopping bags, a city map, and perhaps, a hot cup of coffee. 

3. Rain and/or Shine: London is known for having unpredictable weather.  Each day, prepare for both rain and sunshine by bringing your sunglasses, in addition to a raincoat or umbrella. Also, don't forget the sunscreen!

4. Dress for Comfort: You'll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes that will last you throughout the entire day.  As for clothing, we went with a look of understated sophistication.

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