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Mind's Eye Vintage Denim Pocket Bum Bag

Mind's Eye Vintage Denim Pocket Bum Bag

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Calling all yogis, hippies, and heavily-meditated mamas! Get your third eye on with our new, limited edition, Mind's Eye pocket bum bag made from upcycled vintage denim. It features sleek silver accents from low-lead brass, matching adjustable belt, and exterior pocket large enough to store your phone, cash, or keys. Convenient zipper top opens to reveal fully-lined interior of 100% organic cotton with an additional interior pocket for cards and cash. Handcrafted locally and sustainably in Los Angeles. 


First, we hand select vintage denim jeans based on quality, color and condition. Once the jeans are clean (using eco-friendly detergent of course) we lay them out to be cut. Because vintage denim jeans do not come on rolls like most fabric we use, each piece must be individually cut by hand. Although this is a time consuming process, it is the most eco-friendly way to source fabric. The process of upcycling fabric uses minimal water (for washing) no harmful chemicals, gases or dyes and saves fabric from the landfill. Second, we finalize our designs for embroidery, carefully select the thread colors we want, and take it to our master embroidery craftsman in downtown Los Angeles. When the embroidery is complete, our bag are finally sewn together by our family of skilled artisans just a few miles from our office in Los Angeles. 

Each of these bags is an individual work of art. No two bags will be exactly the same because the selection of vintage denim for each will be slightly different. 

Made with sustainable upcycled vintage denim, 100% organic cotton lining, and love. 
Made in USA

Height: 5 in/ 12.7 cm
Length: 8.5 in/ 21.59 cm
Depth: 1.75 in/ 4.44 cm
Belt adjusts from 25" to 48."

 Special belt size orders can be made upon request. 

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