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Painted Ray Journal by Moglea
Painted Ray Journal by Moglea

Painted Ray Journal by Moglea

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Journaling is a powerful tool for creativity and connecting within. We are big fans of the Morning Pages, a practice where you engage in at least three pages of stream of consciousness writing each morning to work out stubborn thoughts, problems, and emotions to help remove blockages, stuckness and quite frankly, let your best self shine. Is there really any better form of self care? 

We love this journal by Moglea because it is lovingly hand-painted, printed and bound by an awesome small business in the US. Because it is hand-painted, each journal is truly one of a kind and no two journals look exactly alike. Plus, it's pretty cute too and its abstract forms are sure to stir up that creativity within. 

Painted Ray Journal by Moglea: 

Hand painted on cloth cover with metallic bronze binding.

50 ruled pages.

Printed and bound in Iowa based studio of Moglea. 

Notebook size: 5.5 x 7.5"

*If this is a gift, gift messages will be handwritten on the backside of our very own special "Someone's Thinking of You" cards

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