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Style Spotlight: New Pony Pocket Bum Bag

Posted by on 10/29/2014 to Community
Pocket Bum Bags
How cute are our new Pocket Bum Bags? Slightly larger than the Wallet, our new pocket bum bags really pack a punch when it comes to functionality. Stash your phone in the large, front exterior pocket for easy access and place smaller items like cards and cash in the interior pocket inside the bag. It's no secret our new design is extra roomy. It not only fits the essentials: cards/cash, phone, keys, but you'll also have room for that extra lip stain, and maybe even a pair of socks for yoga class. Better yet, our new bum bags are easier to use than ever: Just zip to close, hook the belt and go!

Here, we wanted to give you a closer look at one of our new all-stars: the Pony Pocket bum bag

Pony Bum Bag
Fits all of the essentials and more (and by more, we mean even the sometimes necessary granola bar).
Pony Bum Bag
Pony Bum Bag
Our easy hook-and-go belt is adjustable to fit all sizes.
Pony Bum Bag
Our roomy interior comes with small pocket for cards and cash. 

Pony Bum Bag

Pair the Pony Bum Bag with neutrals to up the volume on any outfit. Looks great with black jeans, ankle boots, and a plain white tee.