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Ultrasuede Care


Everyday Upkeep
A quick once-over with a lint brush will remove lint and restore the sensuous nap and soft luster of Ultrasuede.

Laundering/ Dry Cleaning
Ultrasuede is designed to be machine-washable. However, we recommend that you use the gentle cycle and wash seperately. You can also handwash these bags. In addition, all Ultrasuede fabrics can be dry-cleaned.

Ironing and Storage of Ultrasuede Garments
Wrinkle-resistant Ultrasuede products almost never require ironing, but if you do iron Ultrasuede, brush the fabric with a lint brush in one direction and make sure to use a pressing cloth and to press the fabric gently, with your iron set at or below 120ºC / 250ºF ("Synthetic fabrics," "Low").

Spot Cleaning
For spills, gently pat the spilled liquid with a paper towel. This will take care of most spills. For dried-in-soiling, coffee stains, and the like, you'll obtain the best results by gently brushing the stained area. Vacuuming up the dried material is also effective.