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Pyrite: The Power Stone You’ll Be Glad You Have on Your New Bag

Posted by on 12/24/2019 to Fashion

Pyrite. What is it? Even though it sure sits pretty, pyrite is a power stone that packs a punch. One of our favorite stones, it’s believed by many to be excellent for manifesting, making big moves, achieving goals and calling in abundance. 


The word pyrite comes from the Greek word ‘pyr’ which means fire. Like fire, Pyrite is energizing, helps you focus with confidence and is great for making things happen. Don’t be surprised if while you wear your bag, you suddenly get a new slew of suitors, find out you got a big promotion, raise, book deal, or that your first big sale came through. Pyrite will make the magic happen.

Pyrite Evening Bag

Shop our sustainable evening bags made with pyrite:

the Gigi Pyrite Bag in Gold and Silver Pinatex, and Nude Velvet.