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That Special Place: Haven Hills Shelter for Women

Posted by on 9/14/2012 to Community

haven hills dinner auction an evening of hope shawn robinson
My friend, Pia, Shawn Robinson, and I at the Haven Hills dinner auction

Last night I had the honor of attending “An Evening of Hope,” a dinner auction to benefit Haven Hills, a Los Angeles area shelter for battered and abused women and their children. It was held at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios, here in Los Angeles. I was a guest of my good friend, Pia, who volunteers at the shelter’s little school every Tuesday. She is such a fan of this place. She talks about it all the time: the kids she works with, the women courageous enough to break free from their abusive relationships and how this place, this special place, empowers them to do it.
Knowing how I am all about empowering women, she chose me to fill in for her husband when it turned out that he had a prior business obligation that evening. Sorry Tim, but this is one party I’m glad you weren’t able to make.

Haven Hills truly is a special place. It could be called “Heaven Hills” because it is where miracles occur. One of the countless women they have served spoke last evening about her experience at Haven Hills and how this special place actually saved her life. The women sitting next to me at the dinner table was also a survivor of domestic abuse who attributes her life and her liberation to Haven Hills. This special place doesn’t stop at providing temporary shelter. It provides a 30 day crisis shelter for women and their children, counseling programs, legal advocacy, an 18 month transitional housing and employment program, children’s programs (including classroom instruction) and volunteer training. Since its inception over 30 years ago, Haven Hills has helped over 600,000 women and children break out of the cycle of domestic violence.

Now, I finally understand why Pia is such a big fan. After last evening, I am too. In fact, we have chosen Haven Hills to become the newest member of the Hipsters for Sisters’ family of "Organizations We Support." We are proud and honored to support this special place that empowers women to courageously leave abusive relationships behind and hope you will find it in your hearts to support it to.

haven hills dinner auction an evening of hope kevin nealon los angeles
Comedian Kevin Nealon is a big fan too