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HFS Muse: Sister Corita Kent

Posted by on 12/16/2020 to Women
Corita Kent Love is Here to Stay
Sister Corita Kent. love is here to stay (and that's enough)

In need of a little inspiration or just a jolt of hope for the world and humanity? Look no further than Corita Kent. An artist, educator and Roman Catholic nun, Kent was known for her Pop art made to confront social injustice. Active from 1950s to her death in 1986, she created screen prints covering issues of racism, poverty, and misogyny and her typography, print and day-glo colors proved incredibly influential for generations to come.

Corita Kent

Corita Kent. Courtesy of Corita Art Center

She worked alongside Charles and Ray Eames as an art teacher at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles and fiercely believed that everyone was an artist. She developed a radical curriculum designed to arouse and embolden her students’ creative spirits by helping them look at the world in new ways. Her book, Learning by Heart: teachings to free the creative spirit, helps readers do just that and is definitely next on our list. 

For further reading on Sister Corita Kent and her studio, check out California Art Review's article, Saving the Legacy of Los Angeles' Pop Art Nun Corita Kent