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Gift Guide: Spiritual Seekers

Posted by on 12/10/2018 to Community
Gift Guide for Spiritual Seekers

This month, we're doing a series of gift guides celebrating all of the wonderful women in your life. With these guides, you're bound to find something for everyone on your list. We're so excited to share our first one of the series-- our own curated gift guide for the spiritual seeker in your life. 

1). Tarot Deck as Artful as She Is
A Tarot Deck, especially a beautiful one like this set by Serpent Fire, is an exciting gift for any intuitive or spiritually inclined woman in your life. This one goes above and beyond with its forward thinking and artful aesthetics. 
She Wolfe Deck by Serpent Fire, $65, available at Goop. 

2). Complimentary Float 
One of our favorite things we've tried this year was floating in a sensory deprivation tank. If you haven't heard, float studios are the new spas and have the same benefits as meditation and are amazing for your mental and physical wellbeing. If you're in LA, we love Pause Float Studio in Culver City

3). Mind's Eye Embroidered Vintage Denim Bum Bag
Made from upcycled, vintage denim and embroidered mind's eye design -- this one is sure to be a favorite of any high vibe seeking yogi. Made locally in Los Angeles. 

4). Fringe Belt Bag in Canyon
Named after one of our favorite places in LA, Topanga Canyon, this bag is an ode to the inner hippie in all of us. Made from luxury eco-suede (comprised of recycled plastic bottles), this fringe beauty can be worn as a belt bag or cross body. 
$165, Available here

5). Ritual Bath Kit by Mama Medicine
Having been a client of Deborah Hanekamp (also known as Mama Medicine), I've experienced how transformative her work can be and how profoundly it's touched my life. Everything she does and puts forth is pure love and incredibly healing and that's why I'm so excited to include her new ritual bath kit in our gift guide, as it's just the thing some need to get in touch with their selves, ground down, tune in and become their own healer. 

From her site, "the Bath by Deborah Hanekamp includes four Ritual Baths designed to be used over the course of one month. The Herbal Ally Blend consists of a selection of herbs and plants to nourish the skin to feel blessed and protected. The Herbal Ally blend calls in plant spirit medicine to remind you that you are a child of the earth. The Spirit Cleansing Salts are designed to cleanse your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. The sustainably sourced healing crystals keep you grounded and aware in the presence of love. The selenite wand and palo santo stick cleanse, bless and protect your aura so you arrive into the bath clear. The handmade essential oil infused candle and rose petals create sacred Space for your Ritual Bath. Each Ritual Bath you take is designed to leave you feeling confident and grounded." Sounds pretty good to me.  
Ritual Bath Kit, $111, available here

6). Aura Photo by Auragami 
Lastly, who wouldn't want the brilliance of their own aura photographed? They say the best kind of gift is one you'd want for yourself and in my opinion, Auragami (L.A. based) is one of the best out there doing this. One gifted session includes an aura photograph (more about how that's done here) and a reading based on the colors of your aura. To purchase a gift card for a loved one, email [email protected]

Stay tuned for our other gift guides!