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STYLE WATCH: Interview with Fashion Blogger Angela Fink of The Fashion Sight

Posted by on 11/13/2014 to Community
Angela Fink of The Fashion Sight w/ Indigo Bum Bag

So excited to introduce our new blog series called Style Watch, where every Thursday we'll talk with one of our favorite fashion bloggers to get to know just a bit more about them, their style secrets, and offer a glimpse into the glamorous life of a fashion blogger. Today, we begin the first in our series with one of our all time favorites, fashion blogger Angela Fink of The Fashion Sight

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Fashion Sight Blogger Interview
See more photos on Angela's blog, The Fashion Sight

Here, Angela is wearing her Hipsters for Sisters Indigo Pocket Bum Bag

Our Q&A with Angela follows below: 


1. What essentials do you carry in your Hipsters for Sisters bag? 

I always have my iPhone of course (I don't go anywhere without it!), Smiths minted rose lip balm, car keys, cash, lipstick queen (hello sailor) cc & cash.

2. How do you determine the perfect bag to go with your look? 

Well I buy into a bag that will be a great cross over piece. I chose the Indigo bum bag cause navy can be a neutral and go with just about anything, even black. 

3. Favorite local haunts (shopping, dining, etc!) i.e. - where does your Hipsters bag go on a typical day with you? 

Since I’m a stylist I go to some major stores where policy is that you have to check in your bag in studio services — this means you better wear something with pockets because your hands are full of clothes and where do you put your iPhone?!  That’s why my Hipsters for Sisters bag goes with me on my pull days, no muss, no fuss. The stores I frequent include Nordstrom, Barneys, Zara, Madison, Intermix and Madison. 



1. Describe your style in 10 words or less 

Effortless, chic, polished, edgy, versatile.  

2. If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

I cannot answer that question, there is nothing I would commit to even if I love it more then life itself right now! The main reason that I live for fashion is that you have the ability to change — you can be anyone you want to be at any time. That is fashion. 

3. What piece(s) are you looking to splurge on next? 

Lately I am really into shoes, I want to get some flat form sneakers or flat form loafers like the Stella McCartney ones. I feel like I can see that trend staying around for a while and its a great balance between dressed up and dressed down. 



1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

I usually pick out my clothes the night before, something I did when I was in elementary school and I still do it to this day. You never know what is going to happen in the morning, so I get as prepped for the next day as soon as possible. Last minute emails happen, social media, blasting out my TFS post for that day and general conference calls. So it takes me about an hour to get ready that includes a good breakfast. I always have a good breakfast to skip lunch. 

2. Breakfast, lunch & dinner – what are you eating? 

No lunch like I said before. Breakfast: gluten free waffle (plain), 2 dates, English breakfast tea, and 1 hard boiled egg. Dinner: my husband is an amazing cook and he makes us lots of veggie dishes that are gluten and meat free.

3. On a typical day of taking pictures for your blog, how many bags does your team need to carry? What’s in the bags? 

For the blog, its just my husband and I. I have a rolling rack in my closet of items to be shot and looks I want to talk about, so its very planned out. We schedule a day and do about 5-7 looks since we are both working all the time. Sometimes when we have down time we will go out and shoot the look I am wearing at the moment — that happens probably 1 day every week. 

 4. Top tips for taking the perfect photo? 

Find your angle, find something that represents you — once you find that you will automatically relax and then its perfect because being yourself is true style. 

 5. AND FINALLY: What’s your style motto?

"Fashion shouldn't just be about the latest labels or how much you spend or even at what stores you shop; true style can be found at the ends of the earth and in the most unexpected places. Fashion is defined by how you creatively style an outfit- how it makes you feel and essentially how you make it your own."

For more about Angela, please visit her blog: The Fashion Sight