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STYLE WATCH: Interview with Fashion Blogger Marta Pozzan of It's Super Fashion

Posted by on 11/27/2014 to Community

Marta Pozzan / Belt Bag

As part of our Thursday Style Watch series, today we talk to Marta Pozzan of It's Super Fashion to find out a little bit about her, her favorite, local L.A. haunts, and just what's inside her Hipsters for Sisters belt bag.


1. What essentials do you carry in your Hipsters for Sisters bag? 

My Moleskine small notebook, Chanel mascara, gums, credit cards, my passport, eyeliner (always!) and a small portable iPhone charger.

2. How do you determine the perfect bag to go with your look? 

The perfect bag to me has to always be pretty small so that it never gets too heavy. I like solid colors like black and blue but I also love to play with bright colors and prints.

3. Favorite local haunts (shopping, dining, etc!) i.e. - where does your Hipsters bag go on a typical day with you? 

Alfred's Coffee on Melrose place and Republique in Los Angles, Corso Como 10 and Cova caffee in Milan.


1. Describe your style in 10 words or less 

European, sophisticated, tomboy, blue, colorful, minimalistic, edgy, pink, whimsical. 

2. If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

A pink Simone Rocha dress and Stella McCartney flatforms.

3. What piece(s) are you looking to splurge on next? 

A cotton pink faux fur coat by Shrimps-- it's been waiting for me at Opening Ceremony! 


1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

Not so long actually. All I need is some moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, and then I get dressed but I usually don't brush my hair because I like the not-so-perfect look as I already get to work so much on making the outfit look its best. 

 2. Breakfast, lunch & dinner – what are you eating? 

Breakfast: plain greek yogurt, coconut water and coffee. 

Lunch: a salad or some raw nuts.

Dinner: I try to be healthy and eat some fish and vegetables but sometimes I end up eating just gelato, Vanilla and Caramel are my favorite!  

 3. On a typical day of taking pictures for your blog, how many bags does your team need to carry? What’s in the bags? 

A bag with my makeup and hair products, some bags with the clothes we're going to photograph and a bag for my photographer's camera! 

 4. Top tips for taking the perfect photo? 

Think about a specific emotion when you're being photographed. It'll make your expression look like you're "in the moment," about to do something real.

 5. AND FINALLY: What’s your style motto?

Always go for the unconventional.

For more about Marta Pozzan, please visit her blog: It's Super Fashion

It's Super Fashion

Marta Pozzan / Waist Bag

Marta Pozzan

Photos: Marta Pozzan of It's Super Fashion

Here, Marta is wearing the Black Flat waist bag.