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Sunday Style Inspiration: Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller

Posted by on 6/17/2012 to Fashion

Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller

Today’s Sunday Style Inspiration comes from The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine.  The recently wedded fashion blogger has been made popular for her creatively quirky and fearless style of dressing featured on her online blog, The Man Repeller.  Spotted in everything from drop crotch trousers, jean overalls, and outrageously lacey jumpsuits, Medine’s “man-repelling” manner of dressing is a celebration of fashion trends that men hate, but women love. 
Although some of her looks may take both men and women by surprise, Medine’s “man-repelling” is not undergone with malintent. Rather, in coining the term “man repeller,” Medine directly confronts the fear many women have of dressing so over-the-top that it repels men and instead, turns this idea on its head. In fact, not only has the blogger made “man-repelling” fashionable, but perhaps also a tool for indicating one’s level of fashion sense: the more men repelled, the more fashionable.




In the age-old debate of whether (straight) women dress for themselves or dress for men, Medine has certainly made her opinion clear.  In an interview with New York Times, she stated, “I'm really happy that people understand man-repelling is a good thing.  I was afraid people would think I was mocking fashion.”

Medine’s blog is a brilliant effort at recapturing--for women--the intended purpose of fashion as a fun and liberating form of self-expression.  At HfS, we admire Medine for her creative liberality and confidence in dressing.  It is apparent that this sense of freedom expressed in her style emanates throughout the entirety of her being.  Because in the end, when it comes to your own style, who better to please than yourself?